Pittville pump room

The council’s Asset Management Strategy outlines the principles and framework that will underpin our decisions to make the best use of the assets.

This is the first council Asset Management Plan since 2016. Since that time, and in line with that Plan the council and its partners have made significant progress in managing assets for the benefit of the borough, not least through the acquisition and continued progress towards delivery of the Golden Valley Development.

For many years we have demonstrated our ambition to be one of the leading local authorities for development, investment and asset management taking a proactive approach to driving the best from the resources available and in doing so contributing to our place based outcomes.

That said, much has changed since 2016, not least the councils setting of key priorities in the 2019-2023 Corporate Plan and the declaration of a climate emergency in 2019 and the increased focus on the social value our assets provide to communities in the town. Using assets to improve the lives of residents of the town is arguably more important today than it was in 2016.

The Asset Management Plan forms part of a suite of documents that comprise the council's investment and expenditure strategies, and governance and decision making arrangements. In particular, the decision making process for acquiring or investing in land or property are underpinned by both this strategy and the Investment Strategy which is presented annually to Full Council for review.