Why does the council support the farmers' market?

Benefits for the local economy

The market provides another sales outlet for farmers and small-scale food producers and an opportunity to increase their income.  It also encourages farm diversification.

Providing opportunities for producers to meet customers and explain how the food is produced

The market is a way of putting people back in touch with the food they eat, food production methods and the seasonality of produce.

Reinforcing the appeal of local produce and encouraging more healthy eating

The produce on sale at the market is fresher than that available at supermarkets.  It has travelled fewer miles and might even have been harvested the same day.

Raising awareness of environmental issues

The farmers' market highlights issues about the distance food has travelled before it is sold ('food miles'), the amount of packaging used in the presentation of food, the waste generated and the use of pesticides.

Adding to the attraction of Cheltenham town centre

The market brings more customers into the area, adding to the atmosphere and vibrancy of the town centre.