Getting a licence to hold a market

shiny metal market scales

Cheltenham Borough Council licence markets in the borough under street trading consent.  The same application procedure and required documents will apply to an application for a market.


The current cost of holding a market is listed on the fees and charges page

The full listed fees will apply unless the market or event is in aid of a charitable or not for profit cause and all the profits made are donated to that cause.  In the event of the market or event being for charitable or not for profit purposes, a reduced cost may be applied depending on the scale of the proposed event. 

Markets in parks and car parks

Because markets are licensed under the same legislation as street trading, the same definition of a street will apply which includes most public markets and other car parks.  This means that if you intend to sell, offer for sale or expose for sale any item as part of a market in any of the parks in Cheltenham you must first of all obtain consent.