How we work out your rates

We calculate business rates each year by taking a property’s rateable value and multiplying it by the ‘multiplier’ which is set by the government each year.

There are two multipliers: the standard non-domestic rating multiplier 51.2 and the small business non-domestic rating multiplier 49.9. The government sets the multipliers for each financial year, except in the City of London where special arrangement apply.  

Ratepayers who occupy a property with a rateable value no greater than £50,999 (and who are neither entitled to certain other mandatory relief(s) nor liable for unoccupied property rates) will have their bills calculated using the lower small business non-domestic rating multiplier.  The current multipliers will be shown on the front of your bill.

Transitional relief

Transitional relief limits how much your bill can change each year as a result of a business rates revaluation. This means the changes to your bill are phased in gradually.

Transitional relief is applied automatically and will be shown on the front of your bill.  You'll find further information about transitional relief on the GOV.UK website.