Starting a business from home

Many small businesses are started by people working in their homes - and this does not always require planning permission. Permission is not required, for example, if you are going to change a bedroom into a small office.

Planning permission is likely to be required if the business involves the following:

  • more people visiting the property during the day or evening than would normally be the case for residential use
  • uses that require employees to be present at the dwelling
  • uses that require business vehicles to be kept at the site
  • deliveries taking place that are more frequent and involve larger quantities of goods than is usual for a household
  • the use of a large part of your home for business activities, such as offices, storage, and other commercial purposes (including the use of sheds and garages)
  • activities that are noisier than domestic use or produce fumes that would not be expected from residential properties
We recommend that you view the guide for business, which has been produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government. It offers good advice around the planning system for businesses in England.
The Start Up Donut website also provides tips for starting your business from home