Electronic procurement and electronic purchasing

The council aims to increase the levels of electronic procurement (e-tendering and electronic reverse auctions) it undertakes. The council believes that embracing e-commerce will open up a supplier's products and services to a wider market.


e-tendering solutions enable the standard tendering process to be conducted via the internet. This process includes the advertisement of contracts, document production, supplier registration, electronic exchange of documents between buyer and supplier, opening of tenders, evaluation of submissions and finally contract award publication.

Cheltenham Borough Council are using in-tend as their current provider of an e-tendering solution.


An electronic auction is a live online event which is used to secure better contract conditions and prices for goods and services procured.

After a full tender process suppliers are invited to log on to the auction site to bid against each, revising their prices downwards and/or improving certain elements of the bid in order to win the business.

Using an e-auction can create substantial savings when compared with previous contract prices.