How to make a claim

Please check first whether you need to claim Universal Credit rather than Housing Benefit.

If you are eligible to claim housing benefit then you will need to complete a claim form

If you have moved address within Cheltenham and are still eligible to claim housing benefit then please complete the change of address form.

If you are claiming or need to claim Universal Credit you will need to claim separately for council tax support.

Instructions for completing the claim form

We have designed the form to make it as easy as possible to fill in. It may look rather long, but we do need to ask enough questions to make sure that everyone who claims gets the right amount of benefit.

You may not have to fill in all parts of the form but you must fill in any part that is relevant to you. Every part starts with a question to help you decide if you need to fill that part in.

Use black ink to fill the form in. Do not use pencil. If you make a mistake, just cross it out and put the right answer next to it. Do not use correction fluid or tape.

Please answer all the questions in block capitals and tick the 'yes' and 'no' boxes when asked. If any question does not apply to you please write 'nil' or 'none'. If you answer a question with a cross or leave it blank, we may have to send the form back to you.

If a complete part of the form does not apply, please tick the 'no' box, sign to confirm and move on to the next part.

We will need to see original documents to prove some of the things you tell us about on the form. This is explained in detail in our leaflet. If you are not sure if we need to see proof of something, get in touch with us. We will tell you what we need to see. We cannot pay  you benefit until we have seen the proof we need.

Need help completing the claim form?

If you still need help or have any other questions, please phone the housing benefit and council tax support helpline number on 01242 264341.  If you are housebound we may be able to arrange a home visit.