Discretionary housing payment

Discretionary housing payments are additional payments towards your rent for when you need short term help.

Each April the government gives us a certain amount of money towards this fund and we can also make a contribution, up to a maximum level set by the government. The fund is cash limited and has to last the full year.

To get any help you must be getting at least 50p per week housing benefit, or if you are claiming Universal Credit, then you must be getting the housing element in your Universal Credit calculation.

Discretionary housing payments can't be paid for ineligible services included in your rent such as meals, water, gas, electric and so on. It also does not include shortfalls in benefit due to sanctions or recovery of overpayments.

For more information about how about the council administers discretionary housing payments, please refer to the policy.

Make a claim

To make a claim for a discretionary housing payment you will need to complete an online claim form. To support your claim you will be required to provide any relevant evidence such as proof of any ill health or disabilities, debts outstanding and what steps you are taking to improve your situation. This information can be emailed to benefits@cheltenham.gov.uk or posted to the council.

In the event of the online form being unavailable, please contact us on the email address above and we will issue you with a paper form.