Fraud is theft

It is important that people who are falsely claiming are reported to the fraud investigations team. The more information you give us, the more likely the investigation will result in a successful conclusion.

Benefit fraud is theft and increases the amount of tax everyone has to pay. The government estimates that benefit fraud costs £2 billion every year, meaning less money for those who really need it.

Types of benefit fraud

  • People who are working, but claim to be unemployed or retired
  • People who claim as a single person, but live with a partner
  • People who claim to live at an address, but do not actually live there
  • People who have savings, capital or income which they may have failed to declare
  • Other people living in the home, who may not have been declared such as children over eighteen, friends or lodgers

The council has a commitment to detecting and preventing fraud and abuse within the public domain and when appropriate offenders are prosecuted.  All investigations are carried out with integrity and in a professional manner by trained staff.