What is a HMO?

A house in multiple occuption (HMO) is a property (house or flat) which is let out to 3 or more tenants, who form 2 or more households and who share a living room, kitchen, bathroom or toilet. The property must be the tenants only or main residence.

Houses in multiple occupation provide valuable much needed accommodation but can also be amongst the most hazardous places to live. Various pieces of legislation have been produced to ensure that the standards of HMOs are maintained to ensure the safety of the tenants. HMO's may also be assesssed under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

Management of HMO regulations

All properties meeting the above HMO definition need to ensure that they comply with the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006. These regulations, produced by the government, require anyone who manages an HMO observes proper standards of repair, cleanliness and maintenance throughout the property.

HMO licence

Some HMOs will also require a licence from the council if the property meets the following criteria:

  • occupied by five or more people, forming two or more households; AND
  • tenants share facilities such as kitchen or bathrooms

Apply for a licence.


Housing health and safety rating system

Housing standards may also be assessed in HMOs using the housing health and safety rating system and the council may require work to be carried out if any serious ‘category 1’ hazards are identified.