Emergency grant scheme

If you are a home owner, you may be able to get financial help for works carried out on your home, as part of the private sector housing renewal policy.  Assistance is generally in the form of loans which are secured as a charge against your property. Occasionally grant aid may be available towards the cost of essential works.

If you are refused a loan or grant because you, or the proposed works, are not considered to be eligible, you can appeal in writing to the private sector housing manager. The housing manager will take into account any exceptional circumstances, and may refer the case to the relevant council cabinet deputy for a final decision.

To be eligible for health and safety loans and grants you will need to be in receipt of one of the following:

  • income-based jobseeker's allowance
  • income support
  • pension guarantee credit
  • council tax benefit
  • housing benefit
  • child tax credit *
  • working tax credit *

*if you receive working/child tax credits, you will only be eligible for loan/grant assistance if your income is less than the specified amount, as defined for the purpose of determining eligibility for the tax credit. If you receive working tax credit it must include a disability element.