Problems with smells, disrepair and accumulations of refuse


These can be very distressing and awkward for neighbours to deal with. They can arise from rubbish being left in the garden, problems with drains or a build up of dog faeces left in the garden.

Sometimes, in blocks of flats, circumstances arise when odours can become so strong that they permeate throughout the block. These circumstances can, if allowed to, give rise to nuisance situations which can be dealt with through the courts, if they are not remedied.

Accumulations of refuse

If refuse, particularly waste food, is allowed to accumulate it can easily become an attraction for vermin, such as rats. The council can take action to ensure that any rubbish is removed to a controlled waste disposal site.

Disrepair in private tenanted property

This covers all parts of the structure of the property, from the chimney on the roof down to the drains in the ground. These matters include:

  • Damaged or missing roof slates
  • Dampness, including condensation and mould growth in the property
  • Damaged glazing or rotted woodwork to windows
  • Dangerous electrical wiring.