Where can I fish?

To be able to fish on council water courses the following are required:

  • A valid Environment Agency rod licence which you must carry with you. You can buy these from the Post Office
  • A day permit purchased from the Boathouse in Pittville Park west. Staff will give paying anglers some printed guidelines and a map. These are also available to download

In Pittville Park, fishing is only permitted on the Lower Lake.

Fishing is not permitted on Pittville Upper Lake (east of Evesham Road) or on the lake in Hatherley Park.

Fishing on Pittville Lower Lake

Please ensure that you have purchased your fishing permit and have your Environment Agency rod licence.

Cheltenham Borough Council staff may ask to see your licence and day permit.

The Lower Lake is also a boating lake and anglers should make sure, when casting, that their swim is clear of boats (and also wildlife) to prevent injury.

Cheltenham Borough Council observes a closed fishing season

There is a closed fishing season from 15 March to 16 June.


We have decided to observe the Environment Agency recommended closed season to ensure that the stock of fish can regain condition and spawn with little disturbance. It also allows the resident wildlife to raise their young.