Hesters Way Neighbourhood Forum and Area

On 5 December 2017, the council’s Cabinet approved the designation of a neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum comprising the Hesters Way ward.

Read the decision notice.

The application consisted of the following information:

Since designation in December 2017 the Hesters Way Forum (HWF) have engaged with residents, local employees and volunteers to gather evidence to support a plan for the improvement of the Hesters Way Ward

The Hesters Way Neighbourhood Plan (2020-2030) has slowly evolved from its early drafts into a fully-fledged document which provides a background to the area and expresses the vision and aspirations of the community. The plan addresses key issues such as housing and health, business and employment, environment and parks, transport, and parking with the aim to ensure sustainable development for the future.

The plan has considered improvements for the existing residential area whilst also taking account of the Golden Valley / Cyber Hub developments in the west of the ward. The integration of new and existing communities and the mutual benefits which can be achieved have been the highest priority. 

The plan is now approaching its final stages and is available to view aon the Hester's Way Forum website. Once finalised and approved by the relevant authorities the residents of the Hesters Way ward will be invited to give it the thumbs up at a referendum which all being well, will take place in 2021.

If you would like further information please contact the Chair, Charmian Sheppard, at info@hesterswayforum.co.uk