Regenerating the public realm of the High Street (West End)

What a pocket park in St Pauls could look like

In partnership with Cheltenham Development Task Force and the Cheltenham West End Partnership the townscape team are looking at a number of ways to regenerate the public realm environment of the Lower High Street.

The project is working closely with the local community to generate ideas as well as highlight key sites for improvement and development. It is intended that this work will not only improve a number of sites now but will also create a precedent for future development to benefit from


As the first step towards creating a welcoming gateway for the Lower High Street the railings on St George's Square have been removed with 5 new cycle stands installed.

Design work is currently underway to create two pocket parks on the Lower High Street after Cheltenham West End Partnership submitted a successful bid to receive grant funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government.


If you have comments on this project, or would like to get involved in any way please contact the urban design team.