JCS affordable housing partnership

The JCS affordable housing partnership (JCS AHP) is a strategic housing partnership comprised of representatives from the three JCS local authorities in addition to six preferred provider partners, which is currently independently chaired by ARK consultancy. The partnership works together collaboratively to deliver, allocate and manage affordable housing across the strategic allocation sites as outlined within the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy

The JCS AHP also works closely with colleagues from Homes England to maximise the delivery of affordable homes on the JCS strategic allocation sites. 

Key strategic outcomes: 

The key strategic outcomes of the JCS AHP are threefold: 

  • To maximise the delivery of new affordable housing for each JCS local authority to meet current and future local housing needs. 
  • To create a framework which enables new mixed and balanced communities to become and remain cohesive and sustainable in the long-term.
  • To support the JCS local authorities' aims in reducing homelessness and rough-sleeping.

To meet these overarching outcomes, the JCS AHP will focus upon the following aims: 

  • Working with partners, stakeholders and communites to ensure that affordable housing delivery reflects local housing needs, as well as providing a range of affordable housing options to help create inclusive, mixed communities. 
  • Agreeing and reviewing cross-boundary lettings arrangements for new affordable homes. 
  • Acting as a consulative body for the future development of local Housing Strategies, Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents or Technical Guidance or Advice Notes with regards to affordable housing. 
  • Acting as a sounding board for the sharing of good practice in respect to housing management and development practices. 

As part of the planning application process on Strategic Allocation Sites, applicants will be encouraged to only select Preferred Providers as development partners for the affordable housing provision on the strategic allocation sites, and will be expected to undertake reasonable endeavours to achieve this objective. 

JCS Precedent S.106 and JCS Precedent S.106 guidance notes

In conjunction with the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy affordable housing partnership a precedent S.106 and guidance notes have been produced in order to assist in the delivery of affordable housing on the Joint Core Strategy Strategic Allocations.

It is expected that the precedent S.106 and guidance notes, when read in conjunction with relevant Local Plan and JCS Planning Policy, will help to inform planning applicants about the standards of affordable housing expected on the Strategic Allocation Sites.

Preferred provider partners

The six current Preferred Provider Partners have all clearly demonstrated that they can deliver, allocate and manage affordable housing on the JCS strategic allocations to a high standard, giving the Council considerable assurance in their ability to create strong, cohesive and resilient communities in the long-term.  

View our list of preferred providers for housing development.

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