Pittville Park - Grade II

Grade I listed Pittville Pump Rooms
  • Date Registered: 28 February 1986 

Pittville Park lies in the suburb of Pittville, to the north side of the town. The registered area is about 33 hectares. The park extends west to Tommy Taylor’s Lane, east to Albert Road and is divided into unequal halves by the north-south running Evesham Road.  

Pittville Gardens, designed by Richard Ware, for Joseph Pitt, form the centrepiece of the Regency estate of Pittville. The gardens were laid out from 1825-42 to provide walks for those taking the waters at Pittville Pump Room or living in the estate. The Marle Hill Annexe (the grounds of Marle Hill House) was incorporated by 1913, to form Pittville Park. Pittville Park is the largest ornamental park in Cheltenham and features the magnificent Grade I listed Pump Rooms and the lakes.