Leaf clearance

park bench in autumn

Cheltenham’s leaf clearance and flood alleviation works start in early autumn across the borough and finish at the end of winter. We prioritise the areas highlighted below before moving into other residential areas.

  • Main routes in and out of Cheltenham
  • Hospital entrances and nearby pathways
  • Train and bus station entrances and nearby pathways
  • Outside schools and care homes
  • High footfall areas such as the town centre and shop fronts
  • Areas known as high flood risks

Leaf clearing schedule

Our crews will be in high demand during this time and we aim to clear leaf fall as efficiently and productively as possible. We would appreciate the public’s patience throughout this period, however we urge you to report higher levels of leaf fall to customer services for prioritisation. Please note the areas below are not completed in the order listed as leaf fall can vary from tree to tree.

Town centre area

Promenade, Imperial Square, Bath Road, Montpellier Terrace, Montpellier Spa Road, Oriel Road, Wolseley Terrace, Montpellier Drive, Rotunda/Gordons Lamp, Montpellier Street, Montpellier Walk, St Georges Road

Area one

Lansdown Road, Queens Road, Christchurch Road, Malvern Road, Lansdown Crescent, Douro Road, Eldorado Road, Eldorado Crescent, Talbot Road, Shelburne Road, Bayshill Road, Parabola Road, Hatherley Road

Area two

Pittville Circus, Pittville Circus Road, Priors Road, Hewlett Road, Winchcombe Street, Prestbury Road, All Saints Road, Sydenham Street North, Albert Road, Pittville Lawn, Pittville Crescent, Central Cross Drive, Evesham Road, Selkirk Street, St Pauls Road, Clarence Square, Wellington Square, Wellington Road

Area three

College Road, Sandford Road, Thirlestaine Road, College Lane, Sandford Mill Road, Sandford Terrace, Keynsham Road, College Baths Road, London Road, Carlton Street, Sydenham Road, Cranham Road, Princes Street, Priory Street, Oxford Street, Sydenham Villas, St Lukes, Keynsham Bank, Keynsham Street

Area four

The Park, Lypiatt Road, Andover Road, Suffolk Road, Gratton Road, Grafton Road, Tudor Lodge Drive, Merestone, St Stephens Road, Tivoli Road, Park Place, Moorend Road, Moorend Park Road, Shurdington Road, Moorend Crescent, Upper Norwood Street, Croft Street, Painswick Road

Area five

Mead Road, Old Bath Road, Leckhampton Road, Charlton Lane, Churchill Road, Naunton Crescent, Naunton Park Road, Fairfield Road, Fairfield Avenue, Fairfield Walk, Naunton Lane, Fairfield Park Road, Pilley Lane

Area six

Gloucester Road, Arle Road, Alstone Lane, Brooklyn Road, Shakespeare Road, Pennsylvania Avenue, Grevil Road, Orchard Avenue, Hawthorne Road, Dowty Road, Princess Elizabeth Way, Orchard Way

Area seven

Swindon Village