Maintenance of grass verges

Grass verges are the responsibility of Gloucestershire County Council.

In Cheltenham, the verges are maintained by Ubico (the borough council's contractor) under an agency agreement with the county council.

The county council pay the borough council a contribution for five cuts per year.

The borough council has agreed to fund an additional ten cuts per year which enables a cycle of fortnightly cuts. This means that the grass can be kept to the same standard as in our parks and open spaces.

What residents can expect

  • Grass verges are cut fortnightly, where possible, during the growing season usually between March and October, depending on weather conditions
  • Cut grass is generally removed from the pavement at the time the grass is cut
  • Strimming takes place around benches, trees and other obstacles early in the growing season and then herbicide is applied around obstacles in April/May to prevent weed or grass growth
  • Clippings will be left on the grass verge
  • Where bulbs are planted, the grass will not be cut until the bulb foliage has died back and this is usually six to eight weeks after flowering
  • Where wild flower planting has taken place, the grass will be left uncut for the duration of the season, normally until around late September to early October. All foliage will be removed from the site
  • In periods of warm, wet weather grass may grow vigorously and following cutting the clippings are likely to clump and take longer to dissipate

Where appropriate - and in consultation with residents - consideration will be given to promoting biodiversity with longer grass and wild flowers.