Report a problem with litter

We have a duty to clear litter from public places, such as streets, parks, playgrounds and pedestrian areas.

You can report litter to our cleansing team using our online form

Report a littering offence

If you witness the dropping of litter, are happy to provide a statement, and the person can be identified (such as the wearing of uniform, working in a shop or going into their property), you can report this to us and we can investigate this. 

Dropping litter (including cigarette ends and chewing gum) is against the law with a maximum penalty of £2,500 in a magistrates' court. If an act of littering is witnessed by an enforcement officer, a fixed penalty notice of £80 can be issued immediately.

So that we can deal with your report as quickly as possible, it's important to consider the following information and have it ready to give us:

  • details of the incident including a description of the individual and item dropped. If it was from a moving vehicle, the vehicle registration number
  • the date and time of the incident
  • the location of the incident
  • any evidence you have such as photos or videos

What happens next

A community protection officer will investigate your report to gain further evidence of the offence.

In cases where there is sufficient evidence, offenders could be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80. In some cases, we may decide to prosecute offenders which can lead to a maximum penalty of £2,500.

If there is insufficient evidence, we’ll investigate further to gain the necessary evidence to issue a fixed penalty notice or to prosecute.