Historical information

Cheltenham's cemetery and crematorium

The cemetery and crematorium are situated in Bouncers Lane with Cleeve Hill as an impressive backdrop. The grounds encompass 65 acres which incorporate the gardens of remembrance.

Cheltenham Cemetery opened with its first burial in 1864, charmingly recorded in the register of burials as "The First Commencement" taking place on the 19 November of that year. The crematorium at Cheltenham was the 39th to be opened in the British Isles in 1938.

A smaller cemetery in Charlton Kings is also maintained by the same division.  The cemetery, provided by the Urban District Council, recorded its first burial on the 25 September 1909.  It was taken over by Cheltenham Borough Council upon reorganisation on 1 April 1974. 

For further information please contact the cemetery and crematorium.