About the local economy


Here you can find information on the current economic profile, an analysis of current and future trends, the labour market, or just some general information. Please contact us for any further information relating to:

  • the urban economy of Gloucestershire study
  • Cheltenham 's economy - an analysis of current and future trends
  • the local GVA (gross value added) model
  • Cheltenham's labour market
  • local development framework

To help inform our decisions, Cheltenham Borough Council commissions economic profiling and also researches specific issues and developments which affect the town.

  • Cheltenham economic strategy (January 2015) - This report, prepared by Athey Consulting Ltd, examining Cheltenham’s role as a business location in order to help shape a robust economic strategy for Cheltenham.
  • Economic Profile (2011) - This profiling includes details on population, migration and housing, trends in economic output, earnings, key and emerging sectors, business structures, entrepreneurial activity, skill levels, crime, and social issues 
  • Employment Land Review (2007) - This review utilised the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Employment Land Reviews guidance note. Work included a comprehensive business survey culminating in a number of sector reports and a review of existing sites and premises in terms of environmental quality. Analysis of county and regional forecasting reports were also undertaken.

View the latest unemployment data from Inform Gloucestershire.

View the latest business start-up rates in Cheltenham.