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Our business news feed shows the latest news relating to the local economy, our range of projects such as Cheltenham Business Pride, new legislation, council news and business events.

Other news for economic development

Launch of Cheltenham Enterprise Club

Gloucestershire Enterprise have recently launched Cheltenham Enterprise Club, a free day, providing advice and support to help develop your idea and start your own business. Attend one of the clubs to explore your idea, start your planning and understand the skills needed and regulatory requirements involved.

It can help you work through your idea and provide information about the risks and rewards of running your own business.

To find out dates, locations and to book your place call 0845 838 9963 or email:

Launch of the Business Pride Facebook Page

Cheltenham Business Pride has entered the social media world and now has a facebook page to keep you updated more frequently on news, information and events.

Gloucestershire’s 2011 economic review published

The Gloucestershire Local Economic Assessment 2011 is now available and highlights economic strengths and weaknesses in the county. It exposes a gap in the skills market created by a decline in the number of young people aged between 15 and 29, as an increasing number are leaving the county. However, the assessment emphasises the relatively low unemployment rates in the county and the good mix of international and innovative companies located here. Gloucestershire’s core sectors are identified as: creative industries, public sector, care, environmental, manufacturing, banking, finance, tourism and agriculture.