Community Pride grants

Community Pride Fund 2024

In 2024 we have a pot of funding, worth £30,000, to allocate to local good causes. We are now inviting applications for funding to support community-owned projects that will build up community pride across Cheltenham. The funding should enable local groups to be more influential in supporting their communities and improving their neighbourhoods. 

Community pride grants

We are now inviting applications for community pride grants to match-fund community-led projects, up to the value of £3,000 which deliver one or more of the following themes:

  • Bring people together, connecting people to foster new relationships and celebrating our culture and diverse communities
  • Help to improve the bio-diversity of Cheltenham's green spaces and natural environment
  • Help make Cheltenham a place where all our children and young people have the opportunity to thrive
  • Enable neighbourhood hubs and spaces to be used to engage and support young people
  • Promote and support physical and mental well-being, in celebration of the 2024 Olympics

The closing date for Community Pride applications is Thursday 20 June at 5pm. 

Community-building grants

Up to £4,000 is also available via community-building grants for community and voluntary sector groups. This is for small-scale projects, events and activities to help them support the well-being of their neighbourhood, up to the value of £300.  

Community building grant applications are on a rolling grants process and applications are welcomed at any time.

Community Pride Fund information

Who can apply?

  • Parish councils
  • Any constituted voluntary sector, community or neighbourhood-based organisation
  • Trade and business representative organisations
  • Schools

The awarding criteria will seek to distribute this funding evenly across the different areas of Cheltenham.

How much can be applied for?

For the Community Pride Fund grants, any group may apply for a single award up to a maximum of £3,000

Please be aware that as the fund is limited, the council will look to fund only those projects that offer the best value for money.

Funding will be allocated on a 50 per cent match-funding basis. This means the council will fund 50 per cent of the agreed costs of the project, with the other 50 per cent of costs being met by the organisation through either match-funding or contributions in-kind. These are defined as non-cash contributions to a project, typically donated goods and services, which are necessary for the project and would otherwise have to be purchased for the project to go ahead.

We recognise that for many community organisations, there will be the need to organise fund-raising activities. Consequently the award will be held open for 12 months from the decision by the council's cabinet to allow for other funds to be secured. We will only pay the grant once you can demonstrate that the other funding is in place.

Implementing projects

The applicant organisation will be responsible for the project management and delivery of the successful schemes. The council will be looking for applications that demonstrate clarity of both planning and delivery of the projects with an understanding of what permissions will be required to see the successful implementation of the project.

What we will fund

Projects need to be accessible at no-cost to the general public and need to create a lasting legacy for the local community. We will only fund time-limited projects up to a maximum of 12 months from the project start date.

Applications must be accompanied by evidence that the applicant will secure the necessary permissions to enable the work to proceed.

What we won't fund

  • Any events or activities of a political nature
  • Ongoing revenue commitments
  • Projects being delivered outside the boundaries of Cheltenham borough
  • Projects that cannot demonstrate that the necessary permissions will be achieved within the appropriate timescales

The assessment criteria

In June, a Community Pride Fund panel, which will include the leader of the council, a representative of the VCS and the relevant cabinet member, will assess all submitted applications. They will consider the information supplied on the proposals form to assess the following:

  • The project's contribution to the five themes above
  • The project's value for money in terms of its community benefits compared with the amount of grant requested
  • That the project will meet an identifiable need or build on an opportunity
  • What the project will achieve
  • What the longer term legacy of the project will be

We will be looking for reassurances that the applicant has thought about all the different types of licences and permissions that might be required to deliver the project. These might include event type permissions and licences as well as highway permissions and planning permissions. 

We are also looking for assurances that the project deliverer will put in place a robust system for collecting, monitoring and assessing the impacts of the project and for reporting and sharing this information.

Where projects involve working with children and young people, we will also ask you about what measures you have in place to safeguard their wellbeing.

Groups will also need to have current and relevant liability insurance in place before any agreement can be signed and you will be expected to provide copies to prove this. Applicants will be held liable for any damage caused to public property and the council will not accept any liability for claims for damage, loss or injury resulting from this work.

The intention is that recommendations from the panel are discussed by the council's cabinet and final decisions will be communicated to bidders shortly after the meeting.

How to apply - for both Community Pride and Community Building grants

Can an organisation make more than one grant application?

The council will treat the two grant funds separately so an organisation may submit applications to both and success in one will not jeopardise the other application. However, within the two funding pots, no more than one award will be awarded to any one organisation.

Making an application

Please ensure you complete all parts of the online application form. We won't consider incomplete applications.

Go to the online application form

Agreements and performance management

Before the project can start, the council will enter into a project agreement with the provider which will set out various obligations on the two parties. This is very important as the way in which the money is used will be subject to inspection and audit and your monitoring plans will help us ensure that your project is progressing along the right tracks.

Grant payments

For successful applicants, payments will generally be made in arrears on receipt of a completed performance management report and claim form. However, we can arrange advance payments to help with cash flow but this will be subject to checks and you will be liable to repay this if your project does not make satisfactory progress.

Other considerations

Please be aware that as this is public money, the funding will be subject to inspection and audit. Any fraudulent activity will be quickly identified and reported to the police.

Closing date for Community Pride Fund applications

The closing date for Community Pride Fund applications is Thursday 20 June at 5pm

Community Building applications are on a rolling grants process and applications are welcomed at any time.

For more information please contact: [email protected] 

Grants previously allocated

In 2023, the community pride funding was distributed through the Coronation Community Fund

In 2022, the community pride funding was used to support celebratory events and projects for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Community Pride Grants allocated 2020 and 2021

Community Pride Grants were paused for 2020 and 2021 and the pot encompassed into the Community Resilience Grant fund to support the Covid-19 response.

Community Pride Grants allocated 2019-20

  • Building Circles: Reducing social isolation in adults with learning disabilities through allotments and cookery - £1,800.
  • Men In Sheds: Work Away Tool Set for use when away from the base - £890.
  • Cheltenham West End Partnership: Lower High Street Area Fun Day, celebrating Cheltenham's diversity - £1,500.
  • Indian Association Cheltenham: The Hindu Community Centre Kitchen Refurbishment project - £2,500.
  • Pride in Gloucestershire: Pride in Gloucestershire Cheltenham Picnic in the Park 2020 - £1,000
  • Cheltenham Trust (Wilson Arts Collective): Alternative Art and Performance for Young People aged 13-19 years - £3,000.
  • Prestbury Parish Council: New Prestbury Community Open Space - community seating and tree protectors - £1,000.
  • SPACE (St Pauls Activities, Community & Events): Summer Activities - for children in the summer holidays - £1,400.
  • University of Gloucestershire: Discover Cheltenham’s Wildlife - £940
  • Cheltenham Neighbourhood Watch Association: New CNHWA website, improvement in availability and content - £1,500.
  • Friends of Hatherley Park: Pitch Perfect - a boules pitch with notice board and benches - £2,500.
  • Goals Beyond Grass: Goals Beyond Grass Outreach Program - Cheltenham, taking power chair football to care homes, adult opportunity centres and SEN schools - £2,400.
  • Holst Birthplace Trust: Holst on the move - creation of 2 loans boxes for outreach sessions - £2,000.
  • Midsummer Fiesta: Midsummer Fiesta 2020 - £2,000.
  • G Café: development of arden and Green Gym - £3,000.
  • St Pauls Residents Association: St Paul’s Parties and Parades - a street party, and Advent Lantern Parade and craft workshops - £1,725.
  • Hesters Way Partnership: Creative West - Easter and Summer holiday scheme for 2010 for 5 - 16 year olds to learn practical skills and produce creative work across a range of venues - £3,100.

Total grants allocated in 2019-20 - £32,255.

Community Pride Grants allocated 2018-19

  • The Rock: Children's Cooking Club - £2,500.
  • Boccia Busters CIC: Boccia Busters -Let's Roll Cheltenham - £2,000.
  • Cheltenham Connect: Bath Road Utility Boxes Enhancements - £2,193.
  • Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club: Installation of disabled toilet facilities - £2,500.
  • Cheltenham West End Partnership: Lower High Street Festival - £2,250
  • Midsummer Fiesta: Midsummer Fiesta 2019 - £2,500.
  • Benhall Residents Association: Community Pride Planters and Seating - £600.
  • Cheltenham Christian Arts: Encounter, Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival 2019 - £1,050.
  • Gloucestershire Credit Union: Developing Gloucestershire Credit Union in Cheltenham - £3,392.
  • The Holst Birthplace Trust: Twinkle Twinkle - Early Years in St Pauls - £1,695.
  • St Pauls Residents Association: Artisans of St Pauls - Creative Christmas and Box Fresh - £1,805.
  • Up Hatherley Parish Council: Village Hall Refurbishment - £2,589.
  • Cheltenham Paint Festival: Cheltenham Paint Festival 2019 - £3,000.
  • Cheltenham Open Studios: Cheltenham Open Studio Website Update - £2,000.

Total grants allocated in 2018-19 - £30,074.

Community Pride Grants allocated 2017-18

  • St Paul’s Road Area Residents’ Association (SPRA): St Pauls lantern parade and Street watch project - £600.
  • Cheltenham Festivals: Community developed opera to share local stories - £4,200.
  • Cheltenham Christian Arts: Festival of stars - £600.
  • Charlton Kings Parish Council: Creating a community hub - phase 1 - £775.
  • Cheltenham West End Partnership: Cheltenham Together World Fun Day - £1,850.
  • Cheltenham Midsummer Fiesta: Midsummer Fiesta Event - £2,000.
  • Friends of Pittville (FOP): Learning in Pittville Park - £1,000.
  • Hesters Way Partnership: KGV public art planting scheme - £2,844.
  • Holst Birthplace Museum: Bake back in time: St Pauls - £2,225.
  • Oakley Community Association: Oakley scooter skate park - £5,000.
  • Paragon Parade Conservation Group (PPCG): Paragon Parade, sustainable planting and railing plinths project (Bath Road) - £3,100.
  • Friends of Sandford: Preparation of bed and planting of shrubs next to petanque courts in Sandford Park - £550.
  • Fiery Angel Community Benefit Society: Re-opening of The Fiery Angel pub as a community space - £3,500.
  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust: Hedgehog Way - £397.
  • Prestbury Parish Council: Prestbury Village Fair 2018 - £550.
  • Up Hatherley Parish Council: Mini Park – corner of Wards Road and Hatherley Road - £3,170.
  • Naunton Area Residents Association (NARA): Adoption and renovation of The Triangle green space - £2,118.

Total grants allocated in 2017-18 - £34,479.

Community Pride Grants allocated 2016-17

Up Hatherley Parish Council: Lighting on non-Highway Footpath - Up Hatherley - £2,000.
Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Branch, Royal National Lifeboat Institution: Commemoration of the launch of the Cheltenham Lifeboat at Pittville Upper Lake, October 1866 - £875.
Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation: Judaism: Educational Resources - £1,110.
Cheltenham West End Partnership: Cheltenham Together Annual Culture Share event - £1,500.
Holst Birthplace Museum: Events Programme with Pop Up Victorian Cafe - £3,000.
The Rock: St Peter’s and the Moors Community Café - £1,000.
Fairview Community Association (FCA): Fairview Community Fireworks Party - £1,500.
Cheltenham Open Studios (COS): COS17 - £2,000.
The Friends of Hatherley Park: Plant up that space - £611.
SPRA: 1) St Paul’s Local History day,  2) Front garden award, 3) New community noticeboard, 4) Additional litter bins - £695.
Prestbury Parish Council: Provision of security gates to the Blacksmith’s Lane Allotment Garden - £1,500.
African Community Foundation: Black History Month Cheltenham - £2,000.
Cheltenham Midsummer Fiesta: Midsummer Fiesta - £2,500.
Cheltenham Christian Arts: Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival 2017 - £2,500.
Cheltenham Minster Bell Appeal: Cheltenham Minster Bell Appeal - £1,000.
Charlton Kings Youth and Community Centre: Charlton Kings Youth and Community Centre – Kitchenette for All Users - £1,500.

Total grants allocated 2016-17 - £25,291.

Community Pride Grants allocated 2015-16

Up Hatherley Parish Council: Benches in Chargrove and Redthorne Way Open Spaces - £651.
Holst Birthplace Trust: Holst in your Neighbourhood - £3,000.
Cheltenham Business Partnership: Christmas Festival of Fun - £3,000.
Cheltenham Business Partnership: Christmas Festival of Fun funding to pay for Frozen characters - £600.
Cheltenham Festivals: A Way with Words - £2,500.
Cheltenham Poetry Festival: Cheltenham Poetry Festival Outreach - £2,000.
African Community Foundation: Black History Month - £3,000.
Cheltenham West End Partnership on behalf of Cheltenham Together: Cheltenham Together - £1,700.
Vision 21: Umbrella incorporating 'Shedlike' and 3Rs  (Recycling Racegoers Refuse) - £1,366.
Midsummer Fiesta in Montpellier: Midsummer Fiesta in Montpellier - £2,000.
Cheltenham in Bloom: Enhancing a Gateway of The Town – Part Two - £1,250.
SPRA: SPRA community projects (several components) - £1,621.
The Montpellier Association: Montpellier Street Roundabout / Planter and Winter Lights for trees in Montpellier Walk - £3,400.
Suffolk Traders: Suffolks’ Street Art: A scheme designed to display and celebrate artistic talent that reflects the history, community and creative diversity of the Suffolks area - £5,000.
Benhall Residents Association: Benhall Park underpass / bridge wall art phase 2 - £750.
The Rock: St Peter’s and the Moors Community Cafe - £1,645.
Fairview Community Association (FCA): Fairview Stakeholders’ Marketplace - £1,120.
Clifton Catholic Diocesan Trust: Charlton Kings Film Society - £2,000.
Friends of Hatherley Park: Take Notice! - £640.
County Community Projects (CCP): Involve Gloucestershire (Cheltenham) - £3,200.
Saint Stephen’s Parish Church: Saint Stephen’s Roof Appeal - £3,500.
Cheltenham Saracens: Football Academy for young players - £300.
Cheltenham Christian Arts: Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival 2016 - £2,025.
The Cheltenham Trust: Rugby World Cup 2015 celebrations - £1,500.

Total grants allocated 2015-16 - £47,768.