Calculate your carbon footprint

Footprint image made up of trees

Did you know?

Nearly everything we do releases some amount of carbon into the atmosphere, but how much depends on a huge number of factors. This means that you can increase or decrease your carbon footprint with your everyday choices. 

Everyone needs to play a part in reducing their impact on the planet and the best way to do this is to reduce your carbon footprint by considering your everyday carbon emissions. 

Free online calculators

There are a number of free online calculators; here are three of them that you could use to calculate your carbon footprint. 

  • The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) footprint calculator a simple, easy test to estimate your carbon footprint 
  • Carbon Savvy has three types of calculator on this site from a quick one minute survey to a very in-depth analysis of your carbon footprint
  • Carbon Footprint uses calculations based on annual emissions over 12 months (you may need your latest bills for some calculations)