What is climate change and how could it affect us?

cars stranded in the 2007 floods

Climate change is an issue that affects everyone. Most of our activities create the greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. Fossil fuels are used to generate electricity for homes and businesses and to fuel the transport system that supports our economy and gives us mobility. We consume vast quantities of goods, all requiring energy for production and transport. All the waste that goes to landfill sites produces greenhouse gases as it breaks down.

On a global scale climate change could result in the migration of millions of people as whole areas become uninhabitable. Plants and animal species could become extinct and tropical diseases and pests could spread.

Experts predict that the UK will be between 2 and 3.5 degrees celsius warmer by the 2080s. In the south west we are likely to experience milder and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers and more frequent extreme events.

Visit Climate South West for more information about the potential impacts here in the South West.