What are we doing in the council?

spiral fluorescent light bulb glowing against a dark background

Climate Local

We signed up the Local Government Association's Climate Local initiative in March 2013 and we have drawn up a number of commitments and actions to continue our work on tackling climate change. 

Carbon reduction

We have been working to reduce our carbon emissions for a number of years.  We have carried out a number of initiatives, including a complete boiler replacement programme, insulating our buildings, banning the use of portable air conditioning units and running staff awareness campaigns. We continually explore opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and, more recently, this has included:

  • installing voltage optimisers in a number of our buildings; and
  • replacing lighting with LED alternatives; we have already replaced the external security lighting at our depot and replaced the lighting in one of our multi-storey car parks.  We are planning to replace the lighting in our swimming pool hall and we are testing LED alternatives for the chandelier bulbs in our Town Hall and in Pittville Pump Room.     

Climate change adaptation

All our services have considered their vulnerabilities to climate change by completing climate change adaptation risk assessments and these were last updated in January 2013. These risk assessments identify actions services will take to ensure the council as a whole is resilient to the impacts of climate change. Our work on climate change adaptation is summarised in a cabinet briefing note from April 2013.

Commissioned services

As we more towards commissioning moreservices, rather than delivering them ourselves, we will be working to ensure that sustainability and climate change issues are reflected in contracts and agreements.