Cheltenham's public spaces protecton orders

A public spaces protection order (PSPO) is designed to stop individuals or groups behaving anti-socially in a public space to protect the quality of life of those in the area.

The PSPO places rules on a public space and can either require or restrict certain behaviour in that area. They're used in areas where specific behaviour is having a negative effect on people who use that space. For example, a PSPO might require dogs to be kept on a lead at all times in a certain area, or it might ban people from behaving in a certain way.

PSPOs are made available under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and can only be put in place by councils. However, councils must consult with affected communities and the local Police before putting a PSPO in place.

PSPOs are temporary, up to a maximum of three years. However they can be extended, following a review, for a period of three years each time.

Current 'general' PSPOs in place in Cheltenham

PSPOs to restrict access (gating orders)

PSPOs can also restrict access to certain pieces of land that are usually open to the public. This is usually done where ongoing anti-social behaviour has occurred. These specific PSPOs were previously known as gating orders. When legislation changed in 2014, gating orders automatically became PSPOs which will remain in place until 2020.

Current 'gating' PSPO consultations

Alleyway between 393 and 395 High Street, Cheltenham

Live 'gating' PSPOs


Request a PSPO for your area

If you would like to request that the council considers a Public Spaces Protection Order to deal with a specific antisocial behaviour (ASB) or crime issue in your area, please contact Solace (our ASB partnership) on 01242 264135. They will advise you on what evidence is needed to meet the legal tests and the process involved in setting up a PSPO.