Public spaces protection (gating of alley between 393 and 395 High Street) order 2020

Due to antisocial behaviour in the area, we are proposing to restrict access to the alley between 393 and 395 High Street using a public spaces protection order.

You can see the restriction, marked in red, on this map.

The order will mean that:

  1. The public will not be allowed access at any time to the alley between 393 and 395 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3HU leading through to Roebuck Cottages, Hereford Place, Cheltenham, GL50 4BG
  2. Gates will be installed at both ends of the restricted area

Alternative route

There is an alternative route available to the public via Milsom Street which is marked on the map in green.

Penalties for unauthorised access

If the order comes into force, any unauthorised person using the restricted area could be prosecuted and/or receive a fine.

Duration of the order

The order will last for three years and can be extended by the council after that period.


The consultation is now closed.

The deadline for submitting comments on the proposed order was 14 April 2020.