Information on public health funerals

We have a duty to make appropriate funeral arrangements where it appears that no other person is willing or able to do this for someone who has died in the borough.

If a person dies without a known next of kin we normally act on written instructions received from the local coroner's officer. Wherever possible we will recover funeral expenses from the estate of the deceased. If the remaining estate is over £500, there are no other bills outstanding and no known next of kin, the council refers the estate to the Treasury Solicitor. Where we find details of family and friends they will be informed of the death and invited to make the funeral arrangements.

Bona Vacantia

The Bona Vacantia Division of the Treasury Solicitor's office administers the estates of persons who die interstate without known kin and collect the assets of dissolved companies and failed trusts.

Details of public health funerals held in Cheltenham borough

In response to freedom of information requests relating to public health funerals, the details below fulfil the obligations of section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Table of treasury solicitor referrals (unresolved)
Name Postcode area Date of death Referred to treasury solicitor
A Krolak GL51 01/06/2010 No
 T Renaghan  GL53  22/06/2010  No
 M Hannaford  GL50  29/08/2010  No
 C Webb  GL53  30/08/2010  No
 B Evans  GL52  20/10/2010  No
 L Griffiths  GL51  09/11/2010  No
 J Thomas  GL51  24/12/2010  No
 L Hawkins  GL53  29/01/2011  No
 H Knight  GL51  27/06/2011  No
 W Keating  GL53  09/07/2011  No
 S Carroll  GL50  24/07/2011  No
 C Jude  GL53  05/08/2011  No
 P Ayres  GL52  29/07/2011  No
 M Crutcher  GL50  25/10/2011  No
 D Slater  GL53  05/12/2011  No
 T Carroll  GL53  06/02/2012  No
 J Massett  GL52  06/04/2012  No
 M Scott Chamberlain  GL51  19/02/2012  No
 D Newman  GL52  01/06/2012  Yes
 T Hussey  GL53  21/07/2012  No
 C Gilbert  GL51  07/08/2012  No
 E White  GL50  05/01/2013  No
 A Edwards  GL53  31/01/2013  No
 S McDonaugh  GL50  11/03/2013  No 
 J Andrew  GL53  24/05/2013  Yes
 L Jenkins  GL52  19/10/2013  No
 D Carn  GL52  29/11/2013  No
 L Stabb  GL52  01/01/2014  No
 K Greenaway  GL52  31/01/2014  No
 G Hall  GL50  28/02/2014  No
 D Boulter  GL53  21/03/2014  No
 F Bevan  GL51  09/04/2014  Yes
 D Mills  GL53  12/05/2014  No
 M Shepherd  GL50  19/07/2014  No
 L Humphreys  GL51  07/11/2014  No
 P Hart  GL52  14/11/2014  No
G Thomas GL51 17/09/2015 No
 J Oiku  GL53  30/09/2015  No
 G Gillings  GL51  26/02/2016  No
 U Edwards  GL51  14/02/2016  No
 B Carter  GL50  05/04/2016


 P Gessey  GL51  11/08/2016 No
 D Ryder  GL50  12/08/2016 No
 P Massie  GL53  27/08/2016 No
C Anstis GL51 11/02/2016 No
P Jones GL51 08/11/2016 No
R Cooper GL51 11/02/2017 No
B Thomas GL53 24/10/2016 No
A Dunn GL53 23/02/2017 No
I MacDonald GL50 10/04/2017 No
R Godfrey GL51 06/08/2017 No
B Czerny GL51 25/12/2017 No
G Champkins GL52 08/02/2018 No
C Hill GL51 09/03/2018 No
I McCollom GL53 03/03/2018 No
M White GL50 06/04/2018 No
M Swann GL52 03/03/2018 No
R Cooper GL52 25/06/2018 No
A Wedge GL50 08/07/2018 No
E Morel GL52 17/08/2018 No
R Male GL50 24/09/2018 Yes
A Krjuckovs No fixed address 21/08/2018 No
J Knight GL50 10/09/2018 No
D Bevan GL50 22/10/2018 No
W Cassen GL51 05/09/2018 No
C Attenborough GL53 21/12/2018 No
C Campbell GL51  02/01/2019 No
K baker  GL51  21/05/2019 No
C West  GL51  02/08/2019 No
J Scrine GL50 11/03/2020 No
C Davidge GL52 03/03/2020 No
S Pass GL51 29/05/2020 No
Monagle GL53 13/08/2020 No
Spiers GL51 27/07/2020 No
Bowman GL50 06/09/2020 No
Bollands GL52 13/12/2020 No
Meyrick GL53 02/01/2021 No
Moore GL52 12/01/2021 No
Taylor GL51 23/02/2021 No
Fenwick GL51 08/05/2021 No
Oliver GL50 29/05/2021 No
Tomlinson GL53 06/07/2021 No
Roberts GL53 13/07/2021 No
Clark GL51 09/06/2021 No
Holden GL51 24/07/2021 No
Sullivan GL51 22/09/2021 No
O'Niell GL52  19/10/2021 No
Barchou GL51 07/11/2021 No
Stephens GL51 01/09/2021 No
Gagnon GL53 29/03/2022 No
Stepp GL53 03/05/2022 No
Jordan GL53 06/08/2022 No
Page GL53 10/08/2022 No
Berry GL51 14/08/2022 No
Curtis GL52  02/09/2022 No
Larter GL51 15/09/2022 No
Evans GL51 05/11/2022 No
Johnson GL50 17/01/2023 No
Harding GL51 23/02/2023 No
Tomaskiewicz GL52 28/02/2023 No
Dyer GL52 28/02/2023 No
Sims GL53 02/03/2023 No
Noble GL53 19/06/2023 Yes
Craft GL52 05/11/2023 Yes
Sansom GL52 13/11/2023 No
Coltman GL52 03/01/2024 No
Hart GL51 10/01/2024 No
McCormack GL50 20/01/2024 No
A Williams GL52 09/05/2024 No

This information is updated as and when necessary.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, names and addresses may have been redacted or withheld under the following two examples:

Section 21 - Information accessible to applicant by other means

Although we hold some of the information, we hold this on behalf of the Treasury Solicitor. Some details of the estate of the deceased which have been passed on to the Treasury Solicitor can be accessed via the Government Legal Department's Bona Vacantia webpages.

Section 31(1)(a) - Law enforcement (prevention and detection of crime)

We will not disclose address details to the public where they relate to a deceased person's property as it is likely to be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased's personal papers and effects. It is not in the public interest to disclose information relating to empty properties prior to a full and thorough securing of the assets of the estate which will be carried out by the Treasury Solicitors. Additionally, giving out the full name of the deceased could lead to properties being identified by using other information easily available, such as the electoral roll, telephone directory entry or internet searches.