Contaminated land register

Public register of contaminated land

Public register of contaminated land
Ref no. Site Name Location Extent (Ha) Determinations Remediation Eastings Northings
 CBC039 Marle Hill Landfill The Approach Golf Course, Tommy Taylors Lane      12.00 Contaminated     Land Remediation declaration  394712  223786
        Special site      


Marle Hill landfill site given the 'all clear'

Following extensive investigation and monitoring works over several years at Marle Hill landfill site and at properties next to the site, the Environment Agency and Cheltenham Borough Council have issued a remediation declaration notice which gives the site the 'all clear'.

Further assessment actions at residential properties adjacent to the former landfill site demonstrated that the risk to human health and property from ground gas is minimal and, as such, does not justify any remediation.

In addition, further assessment of landfill pollution to Wymans Brook involving twelve months of water quality monitoring, a fish survey and two ecological surveys together with a detailed remediation option appraisal, has demonstrated that no remediation is required.