Application and fees

Apply for a B environmental permit

We would recommend that you speak to an officer before completing the form. Please email [email protected] with the relevant detais and contact information and we can arrange for an officer to contact you.

Application evaluation process

The regulator will take into account the protection of the environment as a whole by preventing or, where that is not possible, reducing emissions into the air, water and land.

The regulator may inform the public and other agencies of the application and must consider any representations.

The application must be from the operator of the regulated facility and the regulator must be satisfied that they will operate the facility in accordance with the environmental permit.


An initial fee is payable on application for a permit, which varies according to which process is being carried out. Some types of operation are classed as reduced fee activities, including:

  • petrol filling stations
  • small waste oil burners
  • vehicle re-spraying

Please email the team to confirm the correct fee for your application.

After the permit is granted, an annual subsistence fee is payable. The amount you pay depends on the risk rating for the operation of the process, with higher risk operations requiring a higher annual subsistence fee due to the higher levels of monitoring required and more frequent inspections.