Vandalism and reckless damage to our trees

Tree damaged from bark removal

Sadly we're seeing frequent damage to council owned trees through vandalism and reckless behaviour. This includes deliberate damage to trees caused by people and by dogs, and accidental damage due to fires and barbeques. In severe cases, the damage can cause trees to rapidly decline and die. 

Our trees team investigate cases of damaged trees and work with partners to follow up on information received and take enforcement action where necessary. Offences of this nature are classed as criminal damage and also considered anti-social behaviour (ASB).

If you find evidence of or witness any vandalism of trees taking place in Cheltenham:

  • Do not put yourself at risk by confronting anyone causing damage
  • Please share any information you have about damage to trees including the registration number and details of any vehicles used, with:
    • Cheltenham Borough Council tree section - email [email protected] or call Chris Chavasse on 07769 877059
    • Our neighbourhood team if you have witnessed anti-social behaviour - email [email protected] or call Sam Robinson on 07385 398140
    • The police – Report a crime

Tree vandalism images

Tree branch damaged Graffiti sprayed on a tree Small tree partially ripped out of the ground

Tree fire damage images

Tree damaged by fire Fire damage to the base of a tree