Planting privately-owned trees

If you intend to plant a tree, or trees, in your front or rear garden, we recommend that you take into account:

  • the size of space available. Bear this in mind when deciding on the tree species; look at the ultimate size of any tree considered. There is nothing worse than having to do work on a tree because it has got too big for its location. By choosing carefully, it is possible to avoid future expensive tree surgery bills and unsightly looking trees
  • the location of the intended tree. Will it block out light to your house or your neighbour's house, or impact on an adjacent structure such as a fence or shed?
  • the type of soil. If your property is located on shrinkable clay then plant a low water demand species. A good tree nursery should be able to advise you on tree species. Avoid planting willows, poplars and oaks
  • the time you have to carry out maintenance of the tree, including watering, mulching, stake maintenance and pruning to ensure a well shaped tree in the future, within the first couple years of planting

Further guidance on tree planting and aftercare is available from The Tree Council.