Undertaking groundworks in the vicinity of council-owned trees.

We ask anyone undertaking ground works in the vicinity of council-owned trees to proceed with caution.

Please follow these minimum requirements:

  • Don't use machinery to dig within the crown spread of the tree if the tree is a broad spreading tree, dig by hand only. If it is an upright tree dig by hand within the area half the tree's height from the trunk
  • Do not sever roots larger than 25mm in diameter
  • Do not drive vehicles or store materials under the canopies of trees

Information regarding trees on development sites can be found in this leaflet.

If you have any queries or problems, please contact the tree officers before proceeding with the intended work.

These requirements are in line with the following current guidelines:

  • National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) Publication No. 4 - Guidelines for the planning, installation and maintenance of utility services in proximity to trees.
  • British Standard 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations; details of the current guidance are available at BS Standards online.
  • Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service, Trees in Focus Practical Care and Management Note: 1996 - Driveways Close to Trees (APN12), available from the AAIS, Alice Holt Lodge, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LH.