About second adult rebate

This is a form of council tax support that is available to pensionable age council tax payers who do not have a partner, but share their home with someone on a low income who is not a paying lodger.

The rebate is not based on the council tax payer's income, but that of the other adult(s) in the property - they are known as second adult(s).

You may still be able to claim second adult rebate if you have a partner, but they have to be a disregarded person under the council tax regulations.

A disregarded person under council tax is one of the following:

  • people under aged 18
  • education leavers under 20
  • full time students
  • youth training trainees under 25
  • apprentices on NCVQ/SVEC courses
  • carers
  • people who are severely mentally impaired
  • people in prison or other forms of detention
  • people who normally live elsewhere
  • members of a religious communities
  • diplomats and members of international bodies or of visiting forces

Normally a second adult would be anyone who is 18 years or older and lives in the property with the council tax payer such as:

  • grown up children who have left school
  • parents
  • friends
  • relatives

The amount you get depends on the total gross income of the second   adult(s). If there is more than one second adult in the property their gross income is added together to work out how much rebate you will get.

If your second adult's gross income is above £279.00 per week, then you will not be entitled to any reduction.

Make a claim

To claim second adult rebate you will need to complete a claim form.