BT payphone removal

We recently asked for your comments regarding BT's proposal to remove 27 public payphones in Cheltenham.  Overall use of payphones has declined by over 90 per cent in the last decade and the need to provide payphones for emergency situations is falling.  Under Ofcom regulations, the council must carry out a two stage consultation with the community, to allow public comment on BT's proposals. 

BT placed notices in all of the affected payphone boxes in September 2016 and Cheltenham Borough Council has consulted with residents through the media and with parish councils, ward councillors, residents associations and neighbourhood co-ordination groups about the proposals.  The first stage of consultation ended on 13 January 2017 and following consideration of all comments received, the council made a draft decision about whether to agree or object to the removal of each payphone.   This was then out for consultation until 13 March, when the feedback was used to inform the final decisions. 

These decisions (the Final Notification) have been published and we have submitted them to BT and to the Secretary of State. 

You can download a copy of BT's consultation letter.  You can also download the Final Notification and Schedule, which details the decision about each payphone.