Published on 19th October 2012

council chamber - green covered bench seats curved around a central table

A new set of guidelines has been developed to provide a comprehensive, informative resource for understanding how Overview and Scrutiny operates in the Borough.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible for ensuring that the scrutiny process is operating effectively and is making a difference for local people. It aims to support the council in achieving its vision and delivery of its Corporate Strategy and promote open and transparent decision-making, democratic accountability and to hold the Cabinet to account for its actions.

The committee’s role includes commissioning scrutiny task groups - groups currently set up are looking at grass verges, events submission and allotments.

Rosalind Reeves, democratic services manager, says: "We have new arrangements in place for Overview and Scrutiny following the elections in May. This is to ensure an effective scrutiny process operates in Cheltenham Borough Council which supports commissioning and achieves positive outcomes for the town."

You can find the new guidelines on the council's website.