Published on 22nd October 2012

Close-up of a green traffic light

As the traffic light switch off edges closer, final plans are being made to ensure the trial along St Margaret’s Road goes smoothly.

Motorists and pedestrians are reminded that the traffic light system will be switched off from Monday 29 October for approximately three weeks.

Monson Avenue and the Henrietta/Dunalley Street junction will be affected by the switch off. Additional central islands will be installed to help pedestrians safely cross the road. As there will be no traffic lights within this area, a temporary ‘on demand’ pedestrian crossing will also be installed between the Brewery and NCP carpark.

Cyclists will be offered an alternative temporary route from Henrietta Street although longer term the objective will be to make improvements to the town centre cycling network.

Jeremy Williamson, managing director for Cheltenham Development Taskforce said:  ‘’I am looking forward to starting the trial as it is clear that many people do not like using this stretch of road. In planning for the trial, we have listened to people’s concerns, which is why we are putting in the additional push button pedestrian crossing. We are also aware that people are generally comfortable negotiating one lane of traffic when crossing the road so the central island crossing points will help with this.  Of course safety is paramount and Gloucestershire Highways will monitor the trial at every stage with staff presence and cameras to see how motorists and pedestrians react to the changes.’’

Chris Riley, highways manager for Gloucestershire Highways added: “We will be carefully monitoring the outcome of the trial. Key to this will be evaluating the perceived benefits and concerns in order to inform how this stretch of road may be improved in the future. Whilst we are aware that these experiments have worked successfully elsewhere, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ and each experiment needs to be considered and evaluated on its own merits.’’

It is hoped that in reducing the number of light junctions along this busy stretch of road, traffic flow and pedestrian movement will be improved. Other benefits would include better air quality, reduced travel time and less likelihood of motorists driving too quickly in an effort to beat the next red light. The trial will assist with any future changes to the road's traffic system.

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