Published on 20th November 2012

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Cheltenham Partnership is asking local people, groups and organisations to identify what the key issues are for their communities.

This information will help them produce their new action plan.

Cheltenham Partnership brings together a range of public, private, voluntary and community-based organisations that are committed to the aspiration of ensuring all people in Cheltenham are able to live happy, successful and productive lives in strong, resilient and healthy communities.

To help the partnership deliver this aspiration, it is asking community-based organisations to identify what their key issues are and the types of support they need.

Andy Hayes, Chair of the Positive Participation Partnership, added: “We want to hear from local community groups about what makes their community great, what issues they feel most passionate about, where they could do more and what support they would need to do this.”

Charles Welsh, Chair of the Positive Lives Partnership, commented: “We’re producing a new action plan and to do this effectively we want to seek the views from as many people and organisations as possible to identify the key issues for our communities and how best partners, such as the council, the NHS, the Police and local schools can all work together to deliver our aspiration.”

Richard Gibson, strategy and engagement manager at the council, said: “We’re committed to building stronger more connected communities. We are already delivering a number of projects across Cheltenham that were identified in our previous action plan. We now want to get the views of our local communities to help shape our new action plan.”

Cheltenham Borough Council is also offering community-building grants to community and voluntary sector groups to run small-scale projects, events and activities to help support the well-being of their neighbourhood up to the value of £250. For further information on the grant and to give your views on your community visit the Cheltenham Partnership website.

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