Published on 26th November 2012

Flood alert icon

We are continuing to take steps to alleviate the risk of flooding in Cheltenham.

Ubico, the council’s environmental services partner, has diverted their street cleaning teams to drain clearance in the known hotspots and teams have also been in place in Noverton Lane and Prestbury High Street where there was some flooding due to the amount of run off from the hill.

The council has been responding to calls from the network of Parish Council Flood Wardens and members of the public, and are checking and clearing culverts and screens where rainwater was becoming backed-up. The council is encouraging households to take steps to protect their own properties.

The weather may bring disruption to roads and the council wants to remind drivers to take care when driving in the dark as surface water is not always visible. Please allow extra time for journeys and do not drive through flood water.

The council will continue to work in partnership with the Environment Agency, the county council, the police and parish councils to minimise any potential flooding problems.

If you have concerns about flooding in your area you should contact the Environment Agency or read Gloucestershire County Council's flood guide.