Published on 7th December 2012

Glass bottles to be recycled

Cheltenham Borough Council’s cabinet at its cabinet meeting on Tuesday 11 December will reaffirm their decision of 15 November 2011 to join the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee (GJWC).

The GJWC will oversee the collection, management, disposal and recycling of waste and street cleansing across four councils. If Cheltenham’s cabinet agree to join the committee it will made up of Gloucestershire County Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council and Forest of Dean District Council. The committee will be launched in April 2013.

Members from the three other councils have already agreed to join the GJWC so the next step is for Cheltenham’s cabinet to give their approval.

The GJWC is set to make considerable financial savings across the four councils through operational economies of scale. It is estimated to deliver savings of around £100,000 per year for Cheltenham alone. Other benefits will include:

•    Joint and coordinated decision making over the policy and strategy for collection and disposal of waste
•    Over time working towards more harmonised services designed to bring about larger, more simplified contracts and streamlined customer support and communication
•    Shared management and specialist expertise.

Councillor Roger Whyborn, the cabinet member for sustainability at Cheltenham Borough Council, says: "One of the main benefits of the GJWC will be the opportunity for the district councils and the county council to work together to provide a more consistent service within Gloucestershire, allowing us to share best practice and resources, save money, increase marketing opportunities and to bring about behaviour change."

Ubico – Cheltenham and Cotswolds’ waste service provider - will continue to deliver the contracts for both Cotswold and Cheltenham councils.

For media enquiries please contact: Laura Carter, communications officer: telephone 01242 264154, email

Gloucestershire County Council will be the Administering Authority. The ambition would be for other local authorities to join GJWC at a later date.