Published on 17th January 2013

With cold weather gripping the country Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) has issued advice to let tenants know how to deal with frozen pipes.

CBH is advising all residents that a frozen pipe should be treated as an emergency as it may burst as it thaws. If a burst pipe leaks and water comes gushing through the ceiling, it can cause extensive damage to a home and its contents.

Chris Williams, Property Director at CBH said: “Burst pipes and leaks can be complicated to fix, and repair work may also involve digging up your garden, tarmac or paving. We can’t predict what the weather will do but we can be prepared by knowing how to deal with frozen pipes.”

If you find a frozen pipe you should immediately take the following steps: 

  1. Turn off the water supply: Turn off the main stop tap. You should find this under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home.
  2. Beat the burst: Protect everything around the pipe that appears to be frozen to avoid damage if it bursts.
  3. Thawing out: Open the tap nearest to the part of the pipe you think is frozen so the water can flow through when it has melted. Thaw the ice in the pipe with a hot water bottle or hairdryer (taking care to keep it well away from any water), beginning from the tap end and working back toward the cold water tank. Never use a heat gun or blow torch.

 Tenants of CBH should report burst pipes immediately on FREEPHONE 0800 408 0000.


Notes for editors

Cheltenham Borough Homes:

  • CBH is one of the top rated ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) in the country. ALMOs are not for profit companies that run social housing services for their local council
  • Currently CBH manage and maintain around 5,000 tenant and leasehold properties with an overall satisfaction level of 85%, placing them in the top ten ALMOs nationally 
  • The organisation’s approach to community development and participation; governance and equality and diversity has been recognised as good practice nationally
  • CBH continue to develop excellent services by working closely with customers.  It will include building new homes and continuing to regenerate communities whilst tackling issues of worklessness and addressing social enterprise

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