Published on 24th January 2013

Following this morning's assessment of conditions, it is clear that although a large amount of ice remains on the side roads and pavements in some areas, the main routes are beginning to improve. Work to start clearing some of the black bag side waste has therefore started today in some areas of the borough.

Whilst the mixed conditions mean that it is still not safe for crews to reinstate the full collection rounds, one refuse truck and a number of smaller caged vehicles are going out to main roads to collect black bag waste. The smaller vehicles do not have bin lifting equipment on them so cannot empty wheeled bins, however they are considerably safer to use in such conditions and it is hoped that clearing any side waste that has already accumulated will assist residents to cope in the current circumstances. We will continue this clear up on Saturday providing conditions don't deteriorate further.

Beth Boughton, waste and recycling manager for the council’s waste provider Ubico Ltd, said:  ‘’It remains unsafe to reinstate full collections as some areas of the borough are still very icy.  However, crews will start to collect black bag waste today wherever conditions allow, starting in areas where waste has been out for the longest.  As we will not be able to provide this service in all areas, and are unable to empty wheeled bins, anyone whose collection has been missed will still be able to present additional waste or recycling for collection on their next collection day.’’

When collections recommence next week, waste and recycling will be collected as per the normal schedule. For example, if a resident would normally be due a recycling collection next week, this is what will be collected. Residents whose collections were missed between 18 and 25 January can leave any additional waste next to their bins in black bags on their next scheduled waste collection day. Extra recycling can also be presented in containers or boxes and this will be collected on the usual recycling collection day.  Food waste caddies will be collected on both the refuse and recycling collection days.

Residents can find the schedule on the council’s website or by calling 01242 262626.

For press enquiries contact: Katie Sandey, communications team leader, telephone 01242 775050, email [email protected]