Published on 20th February 2013

green waste sign

Cheltenham Borough Council would like to thank residents who have signed up to the garden waste service as they are playing an important role in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

They, also, want to remind residents who haven’t yet signed up that the brown wheeled bin scheme is available for just £36 per year, payable annually in advance.

Residents who join the scheme will be issued with a 240 litre brown wheeled bin for their garden waste which will be emptied fortnightly. Grass cuttings, hedge and shrub cuttings, leaves, twigs, bark, plants, flowers, weeds and windfall fruit can all go into the bin.

Councillor Roger Whyborn, cabinet member for sustainability said: “We hope that our residents will see the garden waste scheme as good value for money, with the price being held at £36 since it was launched. We have been able to continue to offer a reduced rate of £34 per year for all residents that renew their subscription before their renewal date. By signing up, local people can help us reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and combat climate change as all the garden waste we collect is composted. By keeping organic waste out of landfill it doesn’t then produce methane or harmful substances which damage the environment.”

Scott Williams, strategic client officer, said: “We are in the third year of launching the brown bin scheme which is proving successful and we’d like to thank all those residents who have signed up to the scheme as they are making a significant contribution to Cheltenham's recycling rate. As a thank you we do offer existing customers a discount and they will be contacted approximately four weeks before their renewal date and invited to renew.”

For details about how to sign up to the scheme and for answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the council’s website , email or call 01242 262626.

For press enquiries, contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154 or email: [email protected]

Residents can sign up to the service:
1. By telephone - please call 01242 262626, and have your debit/credit card ready for payment
2. In person - you can pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card at the Municipal Offices reception on the Promenade
3. Pay online - use our online form
4. By post - Please print and complete the application form. Send the form, together with a cheque payable to Cheltenham Borough Council, to:
                  Cheltenham Borough Council
                  Municipal Offices
                  GL50 9SA
The brown bin is entirely optional and residents can still take their garden waste to the Swindon Road recycling centre, or compost it at home if they do not wish to sign up to the scheme.