Published on 16th May 2013

Glass bottles to be recycled

A trial scheme started last month to collect communal recycling bins from Cheltenham flats at a different time to the waste collections.

Due to the trial, some collections are being made later in the day than usual or in some cases later in the week. However, the majority of customers shouldn’t see a difference as the recycling crews can gain access to the bin sheds.

The trial aims to identify some issues which the council has been having with the contamination of recycling. The recyclables are sold to partly pay for the cost of the recycling service and the price received by the council depends upon the quality of the recycling materials being good.

The trial has proved successful in identifying that black bags are the main contaminant and the trial will continue for the time being.

For information on items that can be recycled through the council’s kerbside collections, visit our recycling webpage.

In the longer term, the recycling collection arrangements will be revised and residents will be advised of any new schedules. 

We would like to thank affected customers for their patience and support.