Published on 28th August 2013

A major consultation mapping out the draft strategy for future housing and employment development in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury borough is set to be considered by councillors next month.

The consultation is part of the development of Cheltenham Borough, Gloucester City and Tewkesbury Borough councils' Joint Core Strategy, which will guide housing and employment development up to 2031.

Based on a range of information and evidence, as well as the latest available census data, this consultation maps out the complete draft strategy for the first time - including identifying where key development sites should be located.

The consultation document is also based on updated inforamtion that was revisited following public feedback from the last consultation in 2011. This included:

• how many jobs and houses will be needed.
• how to reduce flood risks.
• where schools, health and community facilities and transport infrastructure will need to be provided.

It also puts forward a range of policies needed to support the required development, including ones for flooding, green belt, conservation and affordable housing.

The three councils will consider the document between 3 September and 12 September, and if each council approves it for consultation, the public consultation will run between 15 October and 25 November.

To take a look at the draft consultation document and supporting reports, please click here.

Chair of the Joint Core Strategy Cross Boundary Programme Board Andrew North said: "The Joint Core Strategy will be a really important document for everyone that lives, works and visits the three areas. The consultation in October is a vital one because it's asking for the public's view on what we have agreed as our preferred option for future development up to 2031.

"Without an agreed Joint Core Strategy, we run the very high risk of ad-hoc development being approved on appeal. The sooner we have a strategy in place the better, as it will allow us to ensure development takes place in a planned and sensible way that takes into account the important issues, such as flooding, green space and infrastructure.

"If the consultation document is approved by the three councils, we will be running a series of consultation events across the Joint Core Strategy area, as well as providing all the information online."

The final JCS is scheduled to be submitted to the secretary of state in 2014 for examination and eventual adoption.


Key dates:

The councils will consider the document on the following dates:

Tuesday, 3 September at Tewkesbury Borough Council

Thursday, 5 September at Cheltenham Borough Council

Thursday, 12 September at Gloucester City Council

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