Published on 13th November 2013

This weekend, council worker, Hannah Wright, will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to raise £3,000 for local charity, Cotswold Riding for the Disabled.

Hannah, a community engagement assistant for Cheltenham Borough Council, will complete an 11 day challenge, trekking through Central America, from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean. Starting on tropical, palm tree lined beaches, she will trek and raft through a range of terrain: smoking volcanoes, rainforest, farming villages and coffee plantations, mangrove swamps, rivers, white water rapids and high altitudes; camping each night with only basic supplies and no facilities. 

Hannah has been so inspired by the community work that goes on in Cheltenham, that she too wanted to do something to help raise funds for a charity that has been close to her heart for many years.

Speaking about the challenge ahead, Hannah says, “I work with people everyday who do so much for their communities, whether it’s volunteering, fundraising or working together to create a real sense of community spirit. They’ve inspired me to do what I can for a very special local charity – and have an adventure at the same time!

“I’ve deliberately chosen a challenge which will push my limits and comfort zones. I have only ever flown once before, I’m not too good with heights, and most of all, I’m scared of water! Part of the challenge for me was the training. Over the last year I’ve done the Cheltenham Circular Challenge and have been visiting the lido to overcome the water phobia, so hopefully I'll survive the trip!”

To prepare herself for the 11 day challenge, Hannah has swapped her office shoes for heavy-duty trekking boots. Hannah says: “I’ve been wearing my boots to work to break them in as much as possible, but it’s turned out to be a great fundraising tactic. It’s a conversation starter - colleagues ask me why I’m wearing them, I explain, then they end up donating money, which is great!”

Richard Gibson, Strategy and Engagement Manager said "We're immensely proud of Hannah in her decision to undertake this daunting trek, particularly as she has paid for it all herself so all the money raised will go straight to her charity - Cotswold Riding for the Disabled, based at Cheltenham Racecourse. We wish her well and hope that she returns safe and sound.”

Hannah has raised a terrific £2,721 so far, but if you would like to help Hannah reach her target of £3,000, please visit:

Press contact: Tom Wheatly, web and communications apprentice, telephone 01242 775192 email [email protected]


    • Cotswold Riding for the Disabled Association branch is one of the oldest in the country, established over 40 years ago.
    • The centre takes over 200 disabled people for riding lessons every week and works on the ethos “It’s what you CAN do that counts.”
    • The centre has only two paid staff and nearly 150 volunteers.
    • Hannah has always supported the association and the work that they do. Her own background is with horses- as a riding instructor, horse trainer and later as a NH racing and hunting groom.
    • The Cotswold RDA centre is located at Prestbury Park in Cheltenham. Their website is