Published on 13th January 2014

moon over cheltenham promenade

The Bath Road shopping area is to benefit from two new trees, thanks to a second phase of tree planting as part of the ‘Connect My Street’ project.

Amelanchier (serviceberry) trees will be planted in the front gardens of two more properties along the Bath Road to improve and soften the landscape. These trees will supplement the five other Amelanchiers planted in other gardens nearby last year.

These Amelanchiers are multi stemmed and usually grow to around 4 metres tall. This species was chosen as it has a long flowering period in the spring, casts a dappled shade, and has good autumn colour.

With the generous agreement of the owners, Trees have been planted in a number of residents’ front gardens along the Bath Road because the pavements are generally too narrow for planting. Bath Road is very busy with both traffic and pedestrians and the wider aim is to encourage the area to become greener and more enjoyable for those who use it, so this was a good way of the public benefiting from greenery on private land.

Wilf Tomaney, townscape manager for the council said: “The project has been led by a variety of community groups and residents who have come together to decide how they’d like the area to look. Their efforts have meant that the Bath Road is a more pleasant and green environment for all those who visit, live or work in the area.”

Adrian Phillips, from the St Phillip and St James Residents’ Association added: “This is the kind of cooperation between community, traders and home owners that we need if the Bath Road is to remain both a vibrant shopping centre and great place to visit. So we welcome Andy Furze’s support for this scheme and look forward to involving other commercial and private owners on this side of Bath Road in further tree planting.”

Andy Furze, owner of the properties, commented: “I am delighted to be involved in a project that will help make the Bath Road a greener and more pleasant environment.”

The two new trees will cost around £850 to plant and maintain which has come from the Cheltenham Environmental Fund. The planting work will be carried out this year by Nature First, a local tree work contracting and planting company. We will be working with the owners and others to keep the trees watered.

Funding has also been obtained which has enabled the Bath Road to benefit from street furniture improvements including new litter bins and planters and repainting some older lamp columns.

For press enquiries contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154, email [email protected]

Photo opportunity:
Friday 17 January at 9am, at 205/207 Bath Road, Cheltenham. Property owner Andy Furze will be attending along with members of the Connect Streets project team.

The location of the two new trees is in the garden of 205 and 207 Bath Road.

The Cheltenham Environmental Fund has been set up to support projects which ensure a clean and well maintained environment and reduce the effects of climate change.

The ‘Connect My Street’ project includes representatives from the council, Cheltenham Connect, Bath Road Traders’ Association, St Phillip and St James Residents’ Association and other local residents.