Published on 21st February 2014

statue of two people in an embrace

Visiting figures have reached new heights with 7625 people coming through the doors over the past week to see Rodin’s world famous sculpture, The Kiss.

The Kiss headlines the Embrace exhibition that has been open to the public from last Friday, since then, the exhibition has proved to be a success. The Wilson Shop, which also opened to the public last week, has seen many customers through the doors. A favourite for the visitors were postcards of The Kiss, which sold out almost immediately.

As members of the public came through the doors, they were asked to give feedback on the exhibition. “Good service. I love it!”, “Enjoyable collection to look around, reception staff very helpful also” and “It was great” were just some of the positive comments the gallery received.

Museum arts and tourism manager, Jane Lillystone, says: “Since being open The Wilson has seen a fantastic footfall. The volume of people we have seen this week is fantastic, and really adds to the success story of The Wilson so far.”

“The great feedback shows how much people are enjoying the exhibition. It’s brilliant to see how the hard work the team put in is now being rewarded with positive comments and excellent footfall.”

Cabinet member for sport and culture, Councillor Rowena Hay, says: “It’s great that people have come to visit the exhibition and shop after all the hard work the staff have done. They’ve not only made The Wilson a place to come for a fantastic experience, but also a true landmark in the arts world.”


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